What makes us different?
When I went into medical school I wanted to be a trauma surgeon. OB/GYN was not what I planned to do. Then I delivered my first baby and I was hooked. I remember it like it was yesterday... it was a 22 year old woman having her first baby. There were about 15 family members with her and as soon as I delivered this amazing new baby, the room exploded. People were laughing, crying and slapping me on the back. As I looked at this miracle of life crying in my hands, something changed in my mind and my heart. It was then that I knew I was hooked.

Sixteen years later I can honestly say that I love what I do and that I made the right choice. There is a certain way that I treat my patients and run my practice. I always ask myself "if this were my wife or family member what would I do?" That is the Golen Rule by which I practice.

I have been truly blessed with a group of wonderful patients who are like family to me. It is truly an honor and privilege to take care of them.

I invite you to join our family.
- Hitesh Narain M.D.